Our Mission

Young Investors Network is an international network of student investors and industry leaders. Students get access to networking opportunities, meetups with industry leaders, informational workshops, and other exclusive events. We bring the world's most successful investment leaders to our events and members are given the opportunity to learn from them. This opportunity gives members the ability to get a professional head start and make connections that will last a lifetime.

Our Opportunities

Investment Forums

Young Investors Network brings investment industry leaders to our members and gives students the opportunity to learn valuable career and investment information. These exclusive events allow the speakers to pass on knowledge to the next group of investment leaders.

Networking Opportunities

Alongside learning from industry leaders, Young Investors Network members are given the ability to network with the mentors/speakers which can lead to internships, further conversation, and new opportunities.

Our Founder

Young Investors Network was founded by Jakob Diepenbrock in 2019. He became interested in the stock market very early in his life and loves meeting new people with the same passion. He shares his love of investing online and has amassed millions of views on TikTok where he shares his investing strategies and tactics.